Nominations & Elections Committee 

06/08/2020 Report 






Budget Committee Report 

Stipends - *Need to have roles outlined in bylaws for the expected duties for each of these positions.

  1. Exec Board – $3750 budgeted for exec board stipends
    1. President – Paid a 1.0 cert salary, will receive an additional 30 day stipend for work done during the school year and summer, any president who is eligible for the National Board Stipend (paid in the July pay warrant), will continue to receive that stipend at the non-challenging school rate.

    2. Vice-president - $500

    3. Secretary - $500

    4. Treasurer - $500

    5. Exec Board – 7 additional reps – Will receive a $250 stipend

  2. Representatives – $9,300 budgeted for rep council stipends. Will receive a $150 stipend, must attend at least 7 rep council meetings per year. President may excuse an absence on a case by case basis (e.g. religious holidays, family emergency, etc.).

  3. Webmaster – In addition to the rep council stipend (in the case when they are a rep), the webmaster will receive a $100 stipend.

  4. Parliamentarian – In addition to the rep council stipend (in the case when they are a rep), the parliamentarian will receive a $100 stipend.

  5. Bargaining team stipends (during an open contract) 

    1. Bargainers – During a year with an open bargain, bargainers will be paid $1,200

    2. Bargaining Chair – During a year with an open bargain, bargaining chair will be paid $1,500 (unless the bargaining chair is the president in which case the stipend will remain at the $1200 rate)

  6. Bargaining team stipends (during a non-open contract)

    1. All bargainers will receive $150 stipend

  7. Extraordinary circumstances stipend – One time only additional stipends will be first brought to the budget committee and then will be presented to the rep council for approval.

Short Term Investments Policy

  • Recommendation to keep no less than 3 months and no more than 6 months of average budgeted expenses in the general checking account. Any funds in excess of the 6-month average will be invested in the money market account.
  • Every 2 years the money market account will be reviewed by the Treasurer to determine if rates, fees and convenience are in the best interest for fiscal responsibility of the Association. The findings will then be presented to the Budget Committee for approval.

C & B Committee (Constitution and Bylaws) Report,

Submitted by Joe Bento, Chair.

Bylaws  as of 12/07/21

11/30/2021 Meeting Minutes

Where are we, what have we done?

The committee first reviewed the Hostack recommendations from NEA. We also looked at the model Constitution and Bylaws template from WEA and compared them to the REA Constitution and Bylaws.  After comparing, the committee decided to follow the format of the WEA Model and to make changes to it by embedding the REA Language.  We reached consensus of following the model constitution and revamping REA’s document.

We looked for redundancy and looked at where there were contradictions in the bylaws and constitution and looking at making sure that language was where it belonged.

Questions we asked ourselves...

  • What is the hierarchy of documents?
  • What is the constitution supposed to do?
  • What are the bylaws supposed to do?
  • Where do policies go?  How will they fit into these documents?

What is our progress?

We have finished our first go-through of the constitution. We will need to do a revision.
We are currently working on going through the bylaws. Then we’ll need to revise them.

Then we need to triple check the Hostack Recommendations. The Hostack report is a document from the NEA attorney’s that directed REA to make changes in our Bylaws and Constitution because:

1.      They didn’t follow National Labor Relations Board laws
2.      They didn’t follow State Law
3.      They didn’t follow general practices for elections
4.      They didn’t follow general practices for finance.

We will then look at policies from other committees/groups like Nominations/Elections, Finance, ROC, etc.


Our committee is very transparent, if you would like to see the very rough drafts, we can make that available.

We also have room for 3-4 additional people if you would like to be a part of this important work. We’ll be working on it throughout the summer.

If you have any question, please email me
Submitted 5/26/20
Joe Bento C & B Committee Chair

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