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Student Engagement and Management in Virtual Classrooms.  This training is specifically designed to help instructional staff engage and manage students in an on-line environment.  It’s filled with over 200 different resources, ideas, and strategies with many of them being modeled in the training.  There are also discussion boards differentiated by levels so that educators will learn from each other at the level they teach (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12).  It also includes some inclusionary practices and the last module is focused on teachers taking care of themselves.  We believe this training will be a big hit with those that you represent.  We “soft launched” it last night and already have over 200 participants.  Here is the description and link to this training:

Student Engagement and Management in Virtual Classrooms

This course provides participants background knowledge and ideas to engage students and improve learning in online and remote settings. Participants will create a plan of action to make a successful transition to online learning that includes digital literacy, communications, engagement strategies, management techniques, inclusionary practices, instructional strategies, and over 200 integrated resources for participants.     Course activities and learnings are designed as a progression to help participants construct a plan for online classroom success at the start of the school year and beyond.

Registration Link:  https://forms.washingtonea.org/forms/pdncanvas?cevid=6078

STEM Integration and Inclusionary Practices

The application of STEM in the classroom can transcend beyond learning science and math facts. STEM integration provides students the opportunities to learn 21st century skills such as questioning the world around them, processing what they learned, collaborating well with others, and communicating with peers and adults alike. Additionally, a focus on Inclusionary Practices, where all students are afforded the chance of a dynamic, important education, are intrinsically linked with STEM in the classroom.

Registration Link:  http://forms.washingtonea.org/forms/pdncanvas?cevid=6028 

STEMisizing your Instruction

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Standards as they learning how to STEMisize a classroom.  Participants will create a personal resource bank of ideas, activities and materials and learn how to take an existing unit of instruction in any content area and STEMisize the unit to include STEM models and computational thinking.   

Registration Link:  https://forms.washingtonea.org/forms/pdncanvas?cevid=6029

We will also have the following trainings in the near future:

1.       High Leverage Practices for Inclusive Classrooms

2.       Standards-based Grading that promotes equity and inclusion

3.       STEM for K-6 (Repeat)